The Power of Peaches

Peaches Put Power In Your Hands

The benefits of peaches go far beyond a great tasting snack. They put power in your hands to help support good health in more ways than one.



Do you know the plus sides of this powerful stone fruit? Check out a few of the health benefits peaches may provide.


Heart Health

Peaches contain potassium, which is a mineral that can help lower cholesterol and control high blood pressure1



The fiber in peaches may aid in healthy digestion by helping to move food through your gut2


Immune Health

Peaches contain Vitamin C, which can help support a strong immune system and promote healing3

Peaches Fight With You

Peaches vs. Breast Cancer

People are turning to food as a way to help prevent, manage, and treat illness. See how peaches are helping to put up a fight against cancer!


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