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As the leading grower and seller of peaches, plums, nectarines, and apricots in North America, we’re dedicated to putting quality first in everything we do. This dedication applies to our employees as well. We’re always looking for committed, talented people to join our team and continue our mission to put the best fruit out into the world in every package.

Become A Valued Team Member

Whether you’re skilled in operations, packing, administration, or farming, or you are simply passionate about fruit and want to learn more, we’d love to hear from you! Our offices are in Reedley, Kerman, Sanger, and Cutler, Calif.

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Why Work With Us?

At Prima®, we value our employees’ experience and offer the following benefits:

Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion (DE&I)

DE&I is a primary focus for Prima®. We’re committed to DE&I initiatives companywide to ensure all employees feel included and accepted, and we have also prioritized hiring diverse talent at our management level. We also offer a DE&I Training for our leadership teams, offering executive coaching skills and guidance on developing and retaining diverse talent.

Internal Engagement

We’re also strong proponents of employee empowerment and engagement and have created resources through decades of active employee outreach. For example, we have an employee handbook, training courses, and an internal hotline designated to address and report employee concerns anonymously.

Company Culture

We have a long legacy as a family-run organization, and we’re committed to continuing to build on these roots. At Prima®, it’s more than a workplace: it’s a home. Our efforts to foster a strong company culture shows in our high employee retention rates.

Health and Safety

We’re also committed to ongoing health and safety programs to further enhance our employees’ welfare. For example, during the pandemic, we launched four vaccination campaigns that resulted in 2,000 individuals being fully vaccinated.

Industry-Leading Wages

We take pride in offering competitive wages and benefits and continually update salaries to maintain this standing as an industry leader.

Bonus Pay

In addition to our high wages, we also award eligible employees with annual bonuses and other benefits uncommon in our industry.

Competitive Benefits

We provide health insurance and retirement benefits for all full-time and seasonal employees, offering the same to all.