Prima® Wawona’s Mauricio Jimenez-Castro Comments on Benefits of Late-Season Stonefruit

CUTLER, CA – Lamenting the seasonal end to a favorite item of produce? Prima® Wawona has the answer. Retailers looking to fill the demand for stonefruit need look no further because the supplier has late-season stonefruit that offers a premium eating experience and a longer program window.

“We have a great selection of varieties throughout the season, but some of our best eating fruit becomes available in September—October. It’s not just a summer fruit; finishing the season promoting stonefruit drives more consumers to the category,” Mauricio Jimenez-Castro, the Director of Sales, shared with me.

Part of the reason for Prima Wawona’s late-season stonefruit being such a standout is the company’s focus on quality and consistency.

“Every box of fruit we pack adheres to the Prima quality of standards at each of our three state-of-the-art packing facilities. Our diversified growing regions and exclusive varieties allow us to have an extended season program with fresh fruit that can be enjoyed into fall,” Mauricio illuminated.

Quality on the program is looking great, Mauricio told me. Prima Wawona’s growing area is in the Central Valley of California which is by far its largest growing region for peaches, nectarines, and plums. Some areas across the country do provide local regional programs on stonefruit, but none can cover the demand of the entire season like Prima Wawona.

“Demand has been consistently good this year since the beginning of the season. White flesh fruit availability has been tight in general and with strong demand,” Mauricio added. “We are starting to see an increase on demand for yellow nectarines, and the rain we saw a few days ago had some impact on those so the supply is getting tighter.”

The proof is in the pudding regarding demand, as shoppers have shared how much they love eating Prima Wawona’s stonefruit. This further cements the program’s positioning as a must-have for retailers looking at late summer/early fall promotions.

“We have been receiving positive feedback from our consumers, and we see this as a result of the addition of Prima Wawona PLU Stickers. Our consumers can identify our fruit, and they have been kind enough to take the time to write to us and share their great experience of eating our fruit,” Mauricio explained.


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