Prima® Wawona Launches Prima® Peach Challenge 2022; Brittnie Hammack and Lisa (Davis) Corrigan Discuss

FRESNO, CA – Instead of saying “cheese!” this summer, Prima® Wawona will have consumers gleefully chanting “peaches!” in an effort to create excitement within the stonefruit category. To do so, the company has launched its Prima® Peach Challenge 2022 (PPC 2022), inviting shoppers to share pictures and videos of how they are enjoying peaches and giving buyers a unique opportunity to promote the category in-store.

“The main goal that we share with retailers is to increase consumption within the stonefruit category and establish repeat purchases all season long,” explains Brittnie Hammack, Marketing Specialist. “We want consumers to return for more and get excited about the United States harvest. This is a way we can give back while making produce fun!”

In addition to increasing consumption and purchases, the PPC 2022 will engage the company’s social media following, amass more followers, and raise brand awareness.

“With the vast amount of people on social media, this is the best outlet to reach different consumers,” adds Lisa (Davis) Corrigan, Director of Marketing. “Social media allows us to have fun with content while creating a buzz on a global level. We love the idea of using different platforms to target different demographics. This year, our social media strategy has been a top priority to educate, inform, and provide health and usage tips. The sweetness of this fruit has so much to offer and is not just a summer fruit; we are around for six months a year, and we want to share that.”

Running July 1–31, the challenge is an annual contest the supplier hopes to run for many years.

Using this fun, creative method, Prima® Wawona wants to urge consumers to enjoy all types of stonefruit varieties while providing the best eating experience through education tips, recipes, and more. These can also be incorporated into displays and shared across retailers’ social media and digital platforms to encourage larger basket shares.

“I believe that as we develop more interactive content with a natural organic feel across all platforms from social media apps to our website, this will certainly increase our consumer base not only during the Prima® Peach Challenge, but all season long,” Brittnie continues. “We want Prima® Wawona, Prima®, and Sweet2Eat® to be the brands they recognize at the store level while upping repeat purchases during our harvest months, May to October.”

Winners of the challenge can win up to $3,000 for first place, $2,000 for second place, and $1,000 for third place. A great incentive to eat stonefruit if you ask me!

To learn more about the contest, click here.

Are your shoppers up to the challenge? Get Prima® Wawona peaches on your shelves to find out.


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