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Available: October 2 — December 18

  • The only black seedless grape in the industry that is harvested for peak flavor and sweetness.
  • Unparalleled, rich flavor is an important subject matter in an industry where most black varieties are harvested solely based on color and not true maturity.
  • The vast majority of black seedless grape varieties are harvested much too early and never attain high brix.
  • Prima® Black Seedless Grapes are firm with crisp berries.
  • Prima® Black Seedless Grapes sport a jet-black, uniform color, which contrasts sharply with its strong, lively green stems.
  • This is by far the most outstanding black seedless grape available at anytime during the season.
  • Harvest usually waits until soluble solids reach a minimum of 20% Brix with averages reaching an astounding 22% Brix.
  • Average berry size is 13/16" with a range of 11/16" to 14/16" and lengths from 1" and greater than 1 1/4".
Black Grapes
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