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Product Protection System™

You’ll never dip into the pallet pool again.

Nothing ruins good fruit like a bad pallet. Unfortunately, typical returnable pallets almost always fall into that category. They're too small to offer protection. Too weak to provide reliable performance. Too hazardous to enable safe handling. And often too dirty to imagine.

Leave it to Prima® to create the pallet as perfect as the fruit it carries. The Prima® Pallet is fabricated in-house with select wood from trusted mills, each style custom-designed to safely protect the specific package it will carry. Prima® fruit is always shipped on new, clean, unused pallets which are monitored through packing, storage and shipping. All to ensure that our fruit arrives with the quality Prima is known for.

“It costs us twice as much to make our own pallets than to use pallets from a pool, but our pallets are so much stronger, it would be a step backwards to use anything less.”

Denver Schutz,
Technical Services Manager