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The Prima® brand represents high quality, mature fruit shipped at the peak of sweetness and flavor. That gives Prima® brand fruit its distinctive eating experience — a distinction we believe is worth protecting. Which is why we prefer to pack our fruit in protective single-layer Euro boxes.

Unlike two-layer packs, single-layer boxes prevent fruit-on-fruit contact that can cause bruising and blemishing. Each piece of Prima fruit is protected from all sides during transport, preserving its pristine condition for the long haul. All without the pads and shims used in two-layer packs, which can leave the fruit with unappetizing brown tips.

Additionally, our single-layer Euro boxes are 47% stronger than two-layer boxes, remaining sturdy and protective while easily supporting the weight that’s often stacked on top at the warehouse.

When it comes to preventing bruises, you can’t beat Prima.

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Fruit-on-fruit contact can cause bruising.

Brown tips caused by pad in two-layer pack.